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I really wanted to like this but ...

No iPad app, only iPhone. When I start on iPad in landscape mode, it shows the screen sideways in relation to my keyboard. It doesnt work on the same Cas custom login page that the Mobile Learn and Grader apps work fine with. It still doesnt honour any of the HTML formatting in announcements, items, etc. instead of a nicely payed out announcement we see one long unreadable paragraph. Seems to be no structure to the content, I lost the course menu. Definitely not a delightful experience.

iPad app

Why schools have to pay you to create an app for them Why not just create one central app for all schools and then charge them

This a great app, but

This is great improvement from the previous iteration of the app. However, can we have an iPad version as well?

great app, needs a new icon

The app is much better than the original blackboard app, but the icon needs a facelift. The colors are too vibrant and do not match each other

Not accessible

This application is not user friendly with Voice Over. The main items on the menu are spoken aloud, but it was impossible to activate any link with the program running. As a blind user, I am highly disappointed.

Basically unusable

I downloaded this app so I can more easily keep up with the required discussion board posts and replies for my Masters program, which is all online and heavily relies on BB discussions. Unfortunately, the discussions are displayed in a desktop view within the app, so its almost impossible to navigate and use the features. Newsflash, Blackboard: its 2016, time for some responsive design in your product. This is crazy!

Stopped working

When I first got the app it was cumbersome - signing in took multiple steps and theres not options to remember my school, username, etc. once signed in, it was hit or miss on what features would work. More recently, it wont let me sign in. Pick my school, put in username and password, and it takes me back to school selection. I didnt like canvas, but I wish my school would go back to it - at least their programs works.

waste of an app.

doesnt do discussions. dont waste your time on the download.

No Good

My field of study relies very heavily on being able to view instructor feedback for grading purposes. The app only shows you the score on an assignment. To make things worse, my mobile browser wont even let me view blackboards website. You need to use a computer to use even the most simple features! Terrible. Please do something about this!

Its ok. Needs native iPad support.

I wrote a review for Google Play as well, and its pretty similar. I cant get classes to be hidden, and Id like to be able to save my credentials or session. Im not sure if thats BBs or Wilmington Universitys fault. Im using it on iPad, and Id like to see a native/full experience and not just the iPhone app emulation/resizing. I also think it needs to support things like Discussion Board better instead of opening it in a browser window. I might as well use my PC at that point. Still, it has potential to be much better. Good start!

Really useful for seeing courses on the go but...

I hate that Im unable to hide courses. I added my fall courses in while still in summer session and the hide courses feature doesnt seem to work. Please fix! I emailed support and she didnt seem to have any idea what I was talking about. She kept giving help for the actual blackboard page not this app specifically.


I just found out my schedule days before I was supposed to. THANK YOU SO MUCH BB STUDENT!!!

Keeps saying my school not there

But my teacher says it is. My friend is on it

It does what it needs to

I really like the website but the app could be improved in a couple of ways to get 5 stars from me: -Ive ticked the "keep me logged in" box on the login page but I often still find myself needing to enter my password (which I usually forget because I have so many I cant keep track) -after logging in, it takes a very long time (like 30 seconds) for the activity stream to refresh. That might not seem like a lot on paper, but when youre trying to be productive it feels like an eternity. This is all I can think of right now; aside from these Im pretty content with everything else.

Bb Student

I downloaded the app was able to log in after awhile I kept getting an error so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it shows my school but it tells me now that my school doesnt support the app. I loved the idea of this app and now I cant even use it. Please fix these problems!

Use the website instead

Use the website instead, preferably just buy a laptop.

WONT LET ME LOG IN!!!!!! I even went online and used my credentials on the actual blackboard site and got in just fine, but cant get on in this app.

New and improved

This is BlackBoards new and improved version of their old mobile learn app that everyone absolutely hated because it was terrible. This one is way better and has actual functionality.


I like this app way better than the blackboard mobile learn. You can look at due dates better etc.

Weird UI

Kind of weird UI. Could do without all of the wacky animations and emoticons, just take me to the content!

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