Blackboard App Reviews

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Finally something better

About time you guys finally fixed the app used by half the american universities.

Very good but

It is a great improvement from the old app. It would be awesome if there were notifications and if you could stay logged even when closing the app.

Delete old classes

I would love it if you could control what courses you see. That was the one thing I appreciated about the old app. I dont need to see all the courses Ive ever been in, only the ones relevant to the semester at hand.

Log in

It would move it we didnt have to be redirected to the school site everyday to log in. Overall nice app. But please add a remember me feature

Needs to be Universal

Please make this app Universal. I’d like to have it on my iPad as well. 3 stars until this happens.

Good work

Put it on iPad and its perfect. 10x better than the mobile site.

Not Good Enough

This app is useful for viewing class materials. However, it doesnt allow you to view messages. All of my professors sent emails through the messaging system. To view those I still have to access the full site. Access to the discussion postings would also be useful, as would access to the groups area. If my class is split into groups, I should be able to view content that lives there as well.

Really Distracting

Everything bounces too much and there is a huge learning curve to the app imo. Doesnt feel nearly as streamlined as it should be. While BB Mobile couldnt load your documents, at least you could always find them.

Nicer than its predecessor

More customization, not really any learning curve from its predecessor, and no more lagginess

Doesnt work for BMCC students

It signs in for a second then logs out and says to download this app. Then its just a continuous loop.

Appearance Isnt Everything

Looks nice, but Ive run into the big problem of the app saying the files Im trying to download are corrupted.


Please bring this to iPad!!!! I use this all the time for accessing everything I would access from Blackboard via mobile device. Great UI.

Amazing App but bugs...

This is a super convenient app. Id put it on my home screen except every time I open it, it logs me out. Then I have to go through the whole process of logging back in.

Chill with the animations

You know how when you first learn how to use PowerPoint and you get carried away with the transition animations? Thats what this app feels like. Like the developer just learned how to code and theyre super excited about their animations so now EVERYTHING wobbles and bounces. If we could relax on the visual effects a little bit, I think this would be a pretty swell app. Definitely better than the original BB app.


This app is missing a lot of access to important parts of the site. No access to messaging, no ability to check all grades, and switching between courses is not done with ease. I will be switching back to the old app until this offers more access like the old and website offer.

Decent attempt

There is certainly potential for this app, but there is much to be done. Negatives: No course messages No threads/discussion boards No groups and inherent threads

Cant view grade

This isnt very good. The old app was better. This doesnt allow me to view my grades.

Oh my!

"Oh my, there seems to be an issue on our end!" Continues to pop up and prohibits me from accessing anything within the app. Itd also be nice if you could hide courses youre no longer taking, like you can on the desktop version. No need to relive freshman year.

Nice app

Its really a nice app. Perfectly provides what Im looking for. Especially, its design is very clear and easy to use.

Login Problem

Why cant I log in????? Im from Gaston College. Isnt it supposed to be the same Username and password from the computer? Please reply!

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